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Summer Team Tennis - 2023

We held our end of summer tennis finals at Mount Vernon High School this last Thursday evening with Mount Vernon, Burlington and Sedro-Woolley attending. Everything went great but it was as confusing and messed up as ever. From not enough of one gender of players on one team, to too many of the same on others. In the end, I think most everyone had fun, played some matches and was an overall success.

Burlington ended up winning in a tiebreaker match in a tiebreaker to have just a two game overall lead over Sedro-Woolley that lasted until after dark. There were approximately 45 players in attendance and I believe most all got to play at least 2 matches.

The food was a great success and a big thank you to Asher and Elaine for taking care of all of that! Thanks to Anne, Sandra and Janine for helping organize and keeping the players playing! Thanks to the rest that helped out behind the scenes and in the overall organization of the summer tennis league.

These are the schools and players that won in the counting matches:

1st Boys Singles - SW Owen

2nd Boys Singles - MV Sapien

Boys Doubles - B Parker/Jack P

1st Girls Singles - SW Sophie

2nd Girls Singles - SW Laila

Girls Doubles - B Rachel/Tania

Mixed Doubles - B Emma/Charlie E

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