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Girls Tennis Clinic

Tennis Clinic participants posing with rackets
2022 Girls Tennis Clinic Participants

The President's Day Weekend Varsity Girls' Tennis Clinic for Skagit County players concluded on Monday, Feb. 21 with an advanced drill -- doubles teams successfully practicing the "I" Formation!

A total of eight returning varsity players representing all four Skagit County high school teams worked hard, competed, and had lots of fun.

Day one consisted of stroke basics, drills, and games. Day two focused on singles play and strategies. Day three was devoted to doubles techniques and strategies.

Instructor Terry Williams had nothing but good things to say about the participants. "I told the girls the first day that I expected them to work hard, pay attention, and not to be afraid of trying new things. They all met and even exceeded my expectations. I saw definite improvement by all. On the last day they all completed the calf-burning run-in-place drill at double time for the 45 seconds I challenged them to. We had a good time, myself included. I appreciated the fact that several of the girls offered sincere thanks for my coaching."

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